best reading chair

What Is The Best Reading Chair?

What is the best reading chair? Coming across the perfect reading chair is magical. Discovering love at first sit is an experience that is far too infrequent. To increase the frequency of that magical experience, we have considered exactly what you need to find the perfect reading chair for your space.  

The Five Factors that Make The Best Reading Chair: 




The most important factor when choosing a reading chair is comfort. For those enthralled by it, reading is an activity that can last for hours. Without a chair that is comfortable long-term, it simply won’t fit the needs of the reader. Comfort has many factors, like the versatility of sitting positions and the structure of the design. Another factor to consider with upholstered chairs is the level of padding. The ideal level of padding will be individual, and depending on the needs of your space, it may be better to opt for something without padding, like a wooden chair.  


Also, consider the design of the back of the chair. Reading can often lead to a reader uncomfortably huddling over the material, leading to back pain. Having a chair with an intentional structure can help to prevent that pain. Chairs with a more circular back can provide back support from many angles and seating positions, while straight-backed chairs can often provide one very comfortable sitting position. Does the chair extend past the head of the reader to provide neck support? Depending on the reader’s size and desired use time, the answer will vary.


All of these factors (and more) play into the comfort level of a reading chair.  




What is the size of chair that would best suit your space and needs? The size of your chair is not just a decision that relies on the desires and size of the reader but also must consider the space as a whole. Small spaces like apartments are often not well suited for larger puffy chairs. Interior designers often refer to this as keeping the “scale of the room.” To maintain the room’s scale, you must take both the size of the room and the size of surrounding furniture into consideration.   




A large piece like a chair can make a significant impact on the style of the space. Depending on how it meshes with the color scheme and other stylistic elements of the room, it can be a make or break for a design. To avoid pitfalls in this choice, consider breaking down your goals for the room. Do you want the style to follow a specific existing type, like neoclassical or modern, or is the space more eclectic? Or are you seeking a monochromatic vibe where everything matches within a particular color scheme? Is it important for you to consider other factors like pet hair or children when choosing style and color?  




If you pick the perfect reading chair, you will want it to last a lifetime. Longevity should be a factor in your decision on which chair to pick because, without it, your chair love affair may be cut short. Some of the aspects that affect a chair’s longevity are its materials and build styles. In high-use chairs, the fabric of the chair is crucial! Long-lasting materials include leather and wood. Upholstery offers more comfort but a shorter timeframe, and a chair made of cloth may need to be reupholstered (especially if you have pets or children).  


The Best Reading Chair For Your Space 


The reading chair you want in your home is not the same one you would want in a public setting, like an academic space or library. Consider the sort of reading you hope the chair to be used for. Balled up with a fiction book? Scrutinizing academic texts? Searching through source documents? There is a significant difference between the ideal reading chair for all of these scenarios.  

In addition to the uses of the space, what are the other reading benefits of the space? Nearby tables that a chair could use if it fits? An ottoman that could provide more comfortable seating positions?  


The final factor that helps decide the best reading chair for you is whether it makes you excited to read! No matter if your space is a library where your patrons are looking for places to explore their new finds, or in your living room where you can fall into a different world, or an academic space where people may want to sit for hours reading challenging works, there is a perfect chair for your needs.