Chairs Made in The USA: Shop Local

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Chairs Made in The USA: Shop Local

The idea of supporting American Industry and local business has been a topic of conversation since the inception of America as we know it today. In-state and federal elections, pandemic new coverage, and in our communities, “supporting local business” has been on everyone’s mind. Switching to local businesses can be an easy sell for groceries and real estate, but it’s not so simple for other businesses and American-made products. With the glut of large corporations, locally-made furniture businesses don’t always benefit from the buzz around the local business. Purchasing chairs made in the USA is another way to support American business and keep our economy soaring. Here are a few reasons to shop locally made next time you’re in the furniture market:  


The Importance of Supporting Local Business 


Supporting the local and national economy is one of the most important components of supporting local businesses. By buying chairs made in the USA, you improve the money circulation and keep our economy thriving. In fact, the department of labor estimates that for every $100 you spend at local businesses, $68 will stay in the community. More money in the community means more money spent locally; which means more money in the community which means more money spent locally; which means… you get the gist. Local businesses do this by employing local people, using local services like banks and farms, and encouraging their employees to shop within the community too! 


An added benefit is that businesses like ours often produce smaller carbon footprints than our large international competitors. Due to an increased level of community accountability and the personal values of business owners, shopping local can help reduce the carbon footprint in the United States. Here at Eustis Chair, we source our materials and decide our manufacturing processes with sustainability at the forefront.  


The Benefits of Buying Chairs in the USA


Buying from local businesses and businesses that manufacture in the USA can benefit you as a consumer. More local businesses can increase competition and innovation, keeping the creation of new products high while driving prices down. 


Finally, local and independent businesses bind communities, support economies, and produce high-quality goods in ways that large chain corporations can’t. When you buy local goods, you purchase quality and support the hard work of American entrepreneurs. We encourage you to buy American, the next time you buy.