What Makes Library Chairs Great?

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What Makes Library Chairs Great?

Finding furniture that meets the needs of all of your libraries patrons can be a challenge, to say the least. A library serves many functions within a community. It functions as everything from a community gathering space to a place for individuals to use resources like computers and books. The furniture you need to accommodate these kinds of patrons varies dramatically, but some fundamental elements remain the same. What are the qualities that are present in multi-use library chairs? We have assembled a list of qualities that make a chair durable, versatile, and usable for patrons with a variety of needs. 


Selecting Library Chairs 


Chairs in a library often serve many purposes. For instance, chairs need to hold and accommodate community classes where the sitters might want to sit back and relax while speaking to one another. They also need to aid students that could be hunched over a desk while studying for long hours. One of the most important qualities that a chair needs to meet in all of these situations is comfort. While it may be intuitive, comfort can be at odds with other qualities on this list. Finding a comfortable chair can become secondary when considering long-term durability and aesthetics.


Still, for a chair to be used at its maximum level in the library, comfort components like whether or not it has arms, how easy it is to move, and the back support it offers can be a make-or-break for whether or not patrons return to use the chair again and again. Consider the different uses of the chair and what architecture it must have in order to be comfortable during those many different uses. This may include whether or not to include padding, which chair shape to select, and more.


More Considerations


Another factor to consider is durability. Eustis Chair, for example, manufactures library chairs for many institutions that have been unable to find a chair durable enough for their needs. The stress on chairs in a community space is substantial, and they are expected to endure acts of dragging and stacking to a much greater degree than a chair would in a home. The result is that chairs degrade much faster in libraries than most would anticipate. Stacking Eustis Chair products have a 20-year guarantee that ensures they won’t fall apart, even with significant use. Still, other chairs made intentionally with good materials and good quality joints can also last a long time. Durability can come at a higher price, but chairs that don’t break and serve the purposes of the library are fundamentally important to the operations of the business and are a worthy expense for the happiness of the patrons. 


Choosing the Right Chair


Aesthetic is also something to consider. The looks of your chair significant factor in whether or not people will choose to use them. A cohesive look with that of the library is one component. Another is how well the materials you choose can be cleaned and how significantly it shows stains. Spills are inevitable, especially with how many patrons will utilize these chairs. In addition to the general wear and tear, people contribute, prioritizing comfort can become secondary to avoiding chairs that they show their age. Visible use and stains can make chairs unappealing, which results in less use by community members.


Comfortable chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Upholstered chairs can be comfortable, but they may not work well in a space that requires frequent cleaning. If you cannot easily remove upholstery and wash it regularly, hardwood chairs are a good option. They can be extremely comfortable if created thoughtfully. A well-made chair can be durable, stylish, and not show signs of use. 


The perfect library chair is different for every institution. Only you know your patrons well enough to decide what’s perfect for you.