Stackable Wooden Chairs

Stacked wooden chairs

Stackable Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs are a fantastic look for many spaces. Their durability and sophistication are unmatched. But one of the main concerns when purchasing wooden chairs is storage. They’re often heavy, large, and difficult to store arm to arm. When you factor in moving the heavy chairs every time you want to rearrange a space, the dream of hardwood chairs can feel too difficult to be anything but an aesthetic fantasy!  Fret not! Stackable wooden chairs are not just a fantasy but a reality! Make sure you’re finding the best stackable wooden chairs for you by considering all the important details.


What Makes Chairs Stackable? 

A chair’s stackability is a component of its design. Each chair must fit with the one above and below it like a puzzle piece to make chairs that stack. Similarly, to stack the chairs, joints must withstand the force placed on them when stacked for the chair to accommodate both the chair above and below it that may put pressure on the joints. Joints should be specially configured to endure this kind of force and still be usable.  


Quality Indicators For Stackable Wooden Chairs


The quality of a stacking chair can be identified through several components. Material strength is one of them. Though plastic chairs may offer a cheaper alternative, they may break or bend when stacked and often have a concise life. In contrast, a higher-end material like metal or wood can live a long life, but you should put special thought into chair design to optimize their stackability from a construction standpoint and a use standpoint. If a chair is too heavy to lift very high, then it isn’t easy to stack. A well-designed stacking chair makes intentional changes to the design to factor in the ease of stacking.  


Where Can I Purchase Stacking Chairs?

Nearly half of the Eustis Chair line is stacking by default, Eustis Chair can even make traditionally non-stacking chairs in their line stack. Each Eustis Chair product is made to order in the USA. Local manufacturing ensures they can create each chair to match the buyer’s needs. The patented Eustis Joint technology allows for stacking chairs to not only stack higher than most wooden chairs but last longer as well. Eustis Chair guarantees the joints will last at least 20 years! 


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions about stacking chairs. We are happy to help.