Sustainable Furniture Materials

Sustainable Furniture Materials

Sustainable Furniture Materials

We should all strive to make sustainable choices throughout our day. This certainly includes our household goods as well. Believe it or not, some furniture materials are incredibly sustainable, while others are not at all. Let’s look at the sustainability of three types of furniture: metal/ steel, wood, and plastic.

Plastic Furniture


Plastic furniture has become a more popular option in the past few years. This type of furniture may seem cheap to purchase, but let’s look closer. Plastics are harmful to the environment. They degrade faster than wood or metal furniture. This means you will have to replace plastic furniture every couple of years. Plastic furniture is cheaper than other options, but over the course of time, you will pay for the replacements. Plastic is decidedly not a sustainable furniture material. Environmentally friendly rating: 1.5/5

Metal or Steel Furniture


Iron, aluminum, chrome, and steel can be used to make furniture. In fact, stainless steel is known for being easy to clean and durable. Steel chairs resist breaking. They can have long lives. Metal or steel chairs offer a lot of support. Over time, metals can become rusty. The finishes sometimes used on metals can be horrible for the environment. You’ll want to be careful when purchasing metal furniture. Environmentally friendly rating: 2/5

Sustainable Wood Furniture


Wood was the original material used to construct furniture. Wood furniture can look great in any room. Think about how elegant hardwood chairs are in a stately library. Now envision a rustic wood cabin with matching wooden furniture. The wood furniture complements both spaces equally. Since wood has been used for so long, there are many different available styles to choose from. Wood is the most sustainable furniture material available. Furniture made from wood is long-lasting. In fact, hardwood furniture can last for decades. Wood chairs are great for back pain. The only real downside of wood furniture is the upfront cost. If you can make the initial investment, it’ll be worth it in the long run. Environmentally friendly rating: 5/5